In the 25 years that I have been practicing law, I have learned that every client I meet is unique. I try to understand who they are before I determine what I can do for them. Whether I work with someone for one transaction or if I will represent them for years and years, I use the legal tools that will ensure they achieve a fair and just result that will work for their unique circumstances.




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Bankruptcy is an important and powerful tool, which protects thousands of households and businesses each year. I have represented thousands of consumers in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and ensured that when bankruptcy protection is right for them, that they get the best bankruptcy results that are available

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Debt Settlement

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Debt Settlement

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Sometimes, consumers have situations where a bankruptcy is not ideal, and debt settlement is a better alternative. I work with clients to defend them from aggressive creditors, while arranging for settlements which are reasonable and affordable. Typically, clients pay only a small portion of the amounts claimed by the lenders

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Robert Honig

Attorney at Law

"I am proud to have helped thousands of families in the course of my practice. With my help, these clients have rid themselves of countless millions of dollars of debt. I enjoy getting to know my clients. My office is not a "bankruptcy factory," where clients are run through without regard to their individual needs. Rather, I build relationships and help to represent people not only in their bankruptcies but with their other legal needs. In fact, knowing my clients and their families is the only way I can understand their individual goals and aspirations."

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Client Testimonials

The first lawyer we saw made us feel like we were being judged. We were so impressed at how down to earth Mr. Honig was and how very compassionate he was in listening to our issue. Mr. Honig detected how very nervous we were about this and made us take a moment to breathe and relax and assured us we were not the only ones in this situation, and he was going to do everything he could to make it a smooth process. And that he did. I cannot tell you how easy he made it for us to complete the process. Two years later we had a question and thought that we may need to make an appointment to see him, but he promptly called us back and spent a good amount of time on the phone addressing our questions. Bottom Line....Mr. Honig is not like most other lawyers, he is a professional, sympathetic, caring person that we would recommend in a heartbeat. - Avvo

I think he was the best lawyer I have ever met. He made my case very simple and easy. I didn't have to worry about everything. He had great price too which made him even better. I would recommend him to anyone. I was so worried about being [taken advantage of], but couldn't have been happier 🙂 - Yelp

Mr. Honig helped me to declare bankruptcy four years ago and it really changed my life. He was recommended to me by another friend whom he helped successfully and I recommended a work colleague who also had a great experience. It was painless (as painless as bankruptcy can be!), clear and everything he promised to make happen did happen. As a side note, I just called him four years later to get a copy of the documentation of the final discharge papers. He answered the phone himself, spoke to me like a friend and offered to email them to me right then and there. That's the kind of personal attention that I think sets him apart. Also, from my research he was less expensive than comparable attorneys! - Avvo

Robert did an excellent job for me. He is not only professional but he is respectful, caring and has a sense of humor that helps make going through the bankruptcy process less stressful. When I called with questions, even after my discharge, Robert never hesitated to answer them. I truly appreciate the help that he gave me!

Case Studies


Chapter 7

Steve is a client who came to us with credit card debts. He also had a judgment against him, where his wages were being garnished. He had a house, but it did not have a lot of equity. We were able to do a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and he was freed of the debt without losing any property. Now he can start rebuilding his finances.


Chapter 13

Michael & Maria had been doing fine, until Michael was off work for 8 months. They fell behind on their mortgage, and by the time Michael got back to work, they were in foreclosure. We filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which stopped the foreclosure, and Michael and Maria have 5 years to catch up.



Kathleen owned a small clothing shop. When the economy slumped, her store suffered, and eventually it had to close. Not only did she have debts from the business (including an SBA loan), but she also used credit cards and a payday loan to keep the store going. We worked with her to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and now she can move on.

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