Debt Settlement

Is Debt Settlement Right for Me!
Sometimes a bankruptcy is not ideal. There is an alternative: Debt settlement, where we settle with your creditors.

We have achieved excellent results for clients by settling their debts. We are able to negotiate favorable settlements with creditors, and when needed we can represent you in court to defend collection efforts of creditors. Trying to settle these debts on your own is possible, but consumers typically find it intimidating and difficult. We can do it for you -- just give us your bills.

Case Studies


Chapter 7

Steve is a client who came to us with credit card debts. He also had a judgment against him, where his wages were being garnished. He had a house, but it did not have a lot of equity. We were able to do a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and he was freed of the debt without losing any property. Now he can start rebuilding his finances.


Chapter 13

Michael & Maria had been doing fine, until Michael was off work for 8 months. They fell behind on their mortgage, and by the time Michael got back to work, they were in foreclosure. We filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which stopped the foreclosure, and Michael and Maria have 5 years to catch up.



Kathleen owned a small clothing shop. When the economy slumped, her store suffered, and eventually it had to close. Not only did she have debts from the business (including an SBA loan), but she also used credit cards and a payday loan to keep the store going. We worked with her to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and now she can move on.

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